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Everyone is going to hurt you...

you just have to decide... who is worth the Pain.

2 July
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My name is Katelyn. I go by Kate or Katie. I graduated high school with honors in June of 2008. I am 19 years old and expecting my first child in April. I am single,the father of my child left me for another woman, so I am dealing with a lot right now. I plan to attend college in the fall of 2009...


What makes me... ME.
I absolutely obsessed with tourettes guy. I have a thing for country boys. They make me cream my panties.. I used to be a wild, party girl. I pretty much could dominate in beer pong. I love knee socks and cute panties. I love car stereo systems. I heart huckabee's is an amazing movie despite what anyone else may think. I love camping. I am bi. I cant stand 99.9% of females.

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